Wish to Fish

​​​July 2017

​​​​​This month Wish to Fish caught fish and captured smiles with these two beautiful boys battling cancer.  It's faces like these that make us love what we do! Thank you Captain Dan of Double Down Charters II for helping us make this possible!

As your mind and body heal, take some time to relax and revitalize your soul.  Enjoy the peace and wonder of nature that surrounds us.

Latest News

August 2016

Wish to Fish was at it again this week! We had the pleasure of taking Lucas, who has been battling cancer, out on the open water with his Mother, Father, sister, Grandfather and Lucas's Nurse for a day to recreate mind, body and soul! Special thanks to Ramez Hawileh and Captain Christopher James Beinert, members of the Staten Island Tuna Club, who helped make this trip possible and who found the fish! 'Reelin & Healin!'


It is very easy to forget to take care of your body when dealing with a life altering event. Challenge your mind and body to catch some fish and feel the excitement and liveliness of fishing.

January 2017

Wish to Fish, Inc. had the opportunity to participate and table at the Staten Island Tuna Clubs first annual Fishing Flea Market held at New Dorp High School in Staten Island. 


Our guests are individuals of all ages battling cancer, wounded veterans, wounded first responders or the affected children, 19 years old or younger, of those who have or had a parent or sibling that fit the criteria of the aforementioned categories. 


October 2017

During this month Wish to Fish embarked on to the ocean with our 8th family this year to recreate mind, body and soul. 11 year old Michael, who is currently cancer free, after battling leukemia took to the sea with his Mom, brother and two sisters. Fun and fish were had by all. Thank you to Captain Rob Crocitto and Captain Ramez Hawileh of Bunker Box Charters for dedicating their time and for caring to support such a great cause! 

February 2017

Wish to Fish, Inc. held their 2nd DIVE! In for Life! Polar Bear Plunge. On this beautiful day, the Wish to Fish crew dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and dove into the frigid ocean water with their family and friends to raise money in honor of all those out there suffering from cancer or wounded on duty as a 1st responder or a veteran. 

September 2016

Last week Wish to Fish spent time 'Reelin & Healin' with brothers Xander and Zach along with their Mom Katie and Dad Matt. Special thanks to Captain Robert and Captain Dan for taking the family out and finding the fish! Xander, may you continue to test NED free!

Wish to Fish is on a mission, with our guests, to share the beauty of nature during a day of fishing on the open sea.                                                                  


Our purpose as a public charity is to provide and intimate fishing experience for individuals navigating through a life altering situation; a path to strengthen transitions and healing through a recreation of mind, body and soul. 



Recreation through Mind, Body and Soul.

June 2016

Team Wish to Fish participates in the Hi-Mar Annual Spring Striped Bass Fishing Tournament in Sandy Hook NJ.

July 2016

Wish To Fish is excited to announce that, last week, we had the pleasure to provide Kelly, whose daughter Mya Lin passed away after battling cancer for 5 years, a day out on the ocean with her son Michael, Mya's brother and their friends. It was a beautiful day spent rejuvenating mind, body and soul while kicking butt catching Fluke! Special thanks to Captain Dan and mate Bob of Double Down Charters II in Keyport! http://www.doubledown2.com/

May 2016

Wish to Fish is pleased to announce that, last week, for the very first time we were able to provide a wonderful recreational experience for those effected by cancer, MS and a wounded Veteran a day to recreate their mind, body and soul on the open sea!

August 2017

During this month Wish to Fish embarked on Bingo to recreate mind, body and soul with four loving families. Two of these families included children battling cancer, another who lost a loved one to cancer and this was the 1st time we shared the experience with a wounded first responder and his son. Every time we take this journey with folks we are reminded how precious life is. Thank you all for allowing us to support you along your journey. Thanks to Captain Jim and Mate John for letting us board your vessel and for finding the fish! And thank you to all of the Wish to Fish crew, volunteers and friends for adding your touch in making this day truly special.

The mind can be your own worst enemy when dealing with a life altering event. Heal with us. Put your mind at ease while casting away your worries.

October 2016

This week Wish to Fish had the opportunity to take another wonderful family out on the open sea. Thomas, who is fourteen, just finished treatmaent after fighting a long hard battle with cancer for nearly 4 years. Special thanks to Capt. Rob and to Ramez Hawileh for their love of fishing, drive to help those who need to rejuvenate mind, body and soul and for finding the fish!! Thomas and family, we thank you for allowing us to 'reel & heal' with you!

​​​June 2017

This month Wish to Fish embarked on its first trip of the season to recreate mind, body and soul with Grandfather Dave, Dad Paul and daughter Rebecca whose 8 year old sister is battling Leukemia. During this trip reflections were made, stories were shared and fish were caught! Thanks to Captain Dan of Double Down Charters ll, Keyport NJ and mate Pete. It was a glorious day!